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The Barbour Family Tartan


What is special about the Barbour family of Tartans?Our Founder, John Barbour, was a Scotsman, From the early days of the company, he used tartan as a lining in his oilskin jackets.

Dame Margaret Barbour and her daughter Helen Barbour, developed the Barbour exclusive tartans in 1998, in association with tartan specialists Kinloch Anderson.

Barbour’s tartan was based on the Ayrshire District Tartan.The first two Barbour Tartans to be developed were the Classic Tartan in 1998 and the Dress Tartan in 2002.

Today, Barbour has 7 exclusive tartans – Dress, Classic, Modern, Ancient, Muted, Cardinal and Sporting Tartan. The green, blue and brown colours in Barbour tartans were chosen to reflect the colours of the famous Barbour Wax Jackets; Beadale, Border and Beaufort.We still use our tartans as linings in jackets, but they also feature on quilts, polo shirts, footwear, and accessories, making Barbour products immediately recognisable.